ValetPro Dragons Breath 500ml



Product Description

What is it?

A pH neutral wheel cleaner and Fallout remover

How Does it Work?

Dragons Breath reacts with the iron contamination found in brake dust.  This chemical reaction turns iron in to a water soluble solution making it easy to rinse away baked on brake dust. Combined with good cleaning detergents this cleaner easily clean general road grime without agitation. Baked on Brake dust of course still requires agitation.


pH neutral and safe to be used on polished rim.

Dilution ration?

Designed to be used neat.

Valet Pro Dragon’s Breath is a iron fallout and contamination remover designed to remove stubbon brake dust and environmental fallout from wheels and paint.

Valet Pro Dragon’s Breath works unlike other iron contamination removers as its a think gel once sprayed and so doesn’t run off from where you want it working. You can see it at work as it causes a chemical reaction that makes this clear liquid change colour to a brilliant red, proving it’s working on even seemingly clean surfaces.

the only downside is it stinks! Yes that’s right this product stinks to high heaven, hence the name: Dragon’s Breath. But don’t let that put you off as this is one of the most potent fast acting iron removers on the market.

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